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fb.pngWe are small Maine Coon cattery on the north of Bohemia in Czech Republic. We are registered in FIFé and in ZO Litvínov 5. About health of our cats cares MVDr. Petra Huňáčková in Most and MVDr. Daniel Petrák in Ústí nad Labem. Our cats are feeded by Royal Canin food and by raw meat.  Our cats are tested for HCM, FeLV, FIV – all negative.




Everything began when we bought are first male-cat IC Jerry Lee Canis Minor for my son. It took only a year until we bought our female-cat Pandora Blue Canis Minor. Our plan was to bring up kittens just for one or two times, so we breed under cattery Canis Minor, CZ. Everything totally engulfed us, and soon we had already twentieth kitten. In April 2015 we established our own Apofis, CZ. Future mother of our kittens going to be Desirée Canis Minor, who is daugher of our cats Jerry Lee Canis Minor and Pandora Blue Canis Minor. The father going to be Boss-a-Nova of Beauty Wizards, DE.